Come and let us pamper you! 

The Carpe Diem salon has been here for you already for 16 years. During that time, we have moved to more spacious premises (luckily located just in the house next door) and, in particular, we have extended the range of the services you can enjoy when you visit our salon. You will find here professionals from several fields - hairdressers, manicurists, pedicurists, cosmeticians as well as make-up artists. The hottest novelty items that we have prepared for you are the Slim Shift PS-680 weight loss machine and the HIFU SHAPE 3D revolutionary lifting treatment of the new generation. Whether you entrust your hair, nails, face or body to us, we will do our best to make you happy!


Revolutionary slimming and lifting methods 

As the only ones in the country, we can offer you treatments on two machines that have significant slimming and lifting effects. The revolutionary Slim Shift PS-680 machine, which can provide you a combination of three procedures during a single treatment - lipo laser, cavitation and RF handle treatment. This unique combination of three methods is very efficient and gentle in removing fat deposits, shaping problem areas, alleviating cellulite, and firming withered skin. This treatment can be followed up with the HIFU SHAPE 3D non-evasive lifting therapy (or you can treat yourself to it separately). This apparatus uses high-intensity focused ultrasound to trigger the body's own mechanism of collagen creation, thus producing a significant lifting effect.

The colour and care trends from #mydentity 

In addition to Redken brand products, we newly work in our salon also with the #mydentity hair-dyeing system that was created by the hairstylist Guy Tang. This collection is highly popular in particular thanks to a truly wide palette of pre-mixed colours and tints. They are not lacking even in unconventional shades, which you will usually not find in the offer of other brands. Another newcomer is the #MyHero Intense Restorative System, a combination of amino acids and keratin that rebuilds the hair's inner matrix. The therapy is designed in particular for colour-treated or stressed hair, making it rejuvenated and healthy once again.


JANA KUNCIPÁLOVÁ,          the owner of the salon 

"I have been active in the field of beauty care not just for women over the period of 30 years. I always wanted to do things as I wished. Establishing my own salon was a logical consequence. I make the effort to create the best possible conditions for my team because a happy team equals to happy customers."

DANIELA KOŘÍNKOVÁ,          the salon manager

"I began my career in Carpe Diem as a receptionist, today I am in charge of the operations of the whole salon. I make sure everything works out the way it should. I'm a person of action and so it suits me that my job is not just about sitting in one place. Moreover, a good team is important to me, and we are like "a family" here in Carpe Diem."

ŽANETA ZIMOVÁ,                      a hairdresser   

"I like combining hair colouring and highlighting, playing with the combinations of light and shadow and the haircolour techniques such as Balayage or Ombre. The clients who opt for these techniques may spend a little more time with me but the result is worth it! But most of all, I enjoy hair recovering and rejuvenating and so I strongly focus on caring procedures."

BARBORA SADÍLKOVÁ,          a hairdresser

"As a child, I wanted to be either a psychologist or a hairdresser. Eventually, I have a job where both professions merge nicely because it involves communicating and being in contact with people. I enjoy short to medium length haircuts and like using cool blond tones for haircolouring. In my work, I always follow the rule that a hairdresser should repair hair, not damage it."

LUCIE KROČILOVÁ,                 a hairdresser                          

"I like men's haircuts because I enjoy talking to my customers and men are often more talkative than women. Actually, I like any creative and imaginative work, whether it is haircuts or hair colouring. To be honest, I don't like hair trimming as it's a bit boring after all."

MARIE PRECLÍKOVÁ,              the receptionist and men's hairdresser 

"I enjoy working in a team. After all, I have been employed in services already for 30 years. I have gradually specialized in men's haircuts. I have known most of my customers for years and, many times, I have also come to know their families. They are nice people whom I like talking to when I'm cutting their hair."

MARIE ŠTEFÁNKOVÁ,            a pedicurist, a specialist in hair removal and weight loss procedures  

"All three areas that I am engaged in combine in themselves health aspects and a more aesthetic, creative side - the result is beautiful legs and body. Moreover, all three procedures are suitable for both men and women, which is also important for me."

HANKA JADRNÍČKOVÁ,  a specialist in skin care and  weight loss procedures  

"I am a perfectionist whose goal in skin care is a clean and natural look of every woman or man. As a make-up artist holding the Master Pro A-Z certificate, I am able to apply all make-up techniques in my work and I also specialize in weight loss procedures."

BLANKA HEJDUKOVÁ,            a pedicurist

"What I like the most about pedicure treatments is that I can bring relief to my customers from their problems such as hard skin, ingrown toenails or corns. In addition, pedicure treatments bring not only health benefits but also aesthetic advantages as the pedicured feet look beautiful and well-groomed." 

MILA RÉVA,                              a yoga instructor

"I have done vinyasa yoga for already 20 years - I started practising it when I was 12 years old and teaching it when I was 14. I worked as an instructor in Russia, Latvia, India, and Czechia. I give my yoga lessons in Czech, Russian or English. I also organise yoga retreats in India."



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