We'll make sure you feel great in your body!

In our salon, we offer more than a few procedures that will return your body into good shape. You can try the Slim Shift PS-680 unique weight loss and body shaping method here. It combines as many as three technologies in one treatment. And/or you can treat yourself to non-invasive face and body lifting thanks to the HIFU SHAPE 3D apparatus. The slimming effect is delivered also by means of the Institut Esthederm body treatments - you can choose between the Body Essential slimming treatment and Sun Spa, the treatment that will prepare your body for tanning.


Tighter and leaner body without diets and exercise

Hight EMT Massage KM 5005 offers the most advanced non-invasive body contouring therapy. While you are lying down, the machine itself burns your subcutaneous fat, firming your muscles and shaping your body! How does this massager work? The non-invasive HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology induces supramaximal muscle contractions that are not achievable with conventional exercise. Muscle tissue exposed to supramaximal contractions is forced to adapt to these extreme conditions. It responds by profoundly rebuilding the internal structure of the muscle, and the result is an increase in muscle mass and fat burning.

Thanks to the action of RF (radiofrequency), the temperature of the muscles is also increased by a few degrees, and the muscles are able to give more power, which leads to greater growth. This results in 100% muscle utilization and improved fat metabolism. In addition, clinical studies have shown that treatment with the Hight EMT Massage KM 5005 not only leads to an increase in muscle mass, but also to the production of new muscle cells (hyperplasia).

The treatment on the Hight EMT Massage KM 5005 is non-invasive, so you do not need to prepare for it in any special way and it does not require any recovery. The treatment itself lasts 30 minutes and there are six treatments per treatment.


Unique therapy of the pelvic area

Perfect Life HIFEM revolutionizes the health of the pelvic area, both for women and men. Using a precisely targeted electromagnetic signal, it acts on the muscle and nerve tissues in the pelvic floor area, thereby positively affecting the muscles around the urethra and blood circulation to the pelvic organs. Moreover, it stimulates them non-invasively and, above all, painlessly!

By exercising and rehabilitating one of the most important muscle groups in the body, Perfect Life HIFEM addresses a wide range of health problems and contributes to an improved quality of life and sexual experience. The effectiveness of the method is confirmed by clinical research.

How does therapy help women?

  • it makes it easier to get pregnant and reduces the risk of miscarriage
  • eliminates incontinence problems
  • helps in pelvic floor rehabilitation after childbirth
  • reduces back pain
  • stimulates libido, improves sexual experience
  • prevents spontaneous leakage of intestinal gas

How does the therapy help men?

  • relieves prostate problems
  • helps with rehabilitation after prostate surgery
  • improves erection, orgasm and sexual experience
  • prevents premature ejaculation problems
  • eliminates incontinence problems
  • reduces pain in the hips


The revolutionary method for body slimming and shaping

This treatment effectively and gently removes fat stores, shapes problem areas in a targeted way, reduces cellulite or stretch marks and strengthens sagging skin. The method can be applied on any part of the body where excess fat stores - the belly, back, arms or legs. The advantage of Slim Shift PS-680 is that it is able to cope also with the body parts where the other reduction methods don't work anymore. The treatment itself includes 6 functions and 3 successive procedures - lipo laser, cavitation and RF handle treatment.

1. Lipo laser

Lipo laser intensively stimulates fat cells in the hypodermis. The fat inside cells is gradually liquefied and gets into the intercellular space through the holes in the cell wall. From here, the lymphatic system drains it away from the body. As soon as in this phase, the achieved loss of fatty tissue is significant.

2. Cavitation

This is followed by cavitation - non-invasive and painless liposuction. This treatment further breaks up fat cells - the rapid warming-up of the fatty tissue disrupts the membranes of fat cells. The fat is liquidized and leaves the body in a natural way. Thus, the body fat reduction is maximized in this phase.

3. RF handle treatment 

This technique combines under-pressure, radio frequency, infrared light and the rolling technology. The body is massaged on a special bench, which naturally stimulates the lymphatic system and enhances blood circulation and the flow of lymph that removes waste products from the body.

How long does the treatment take?

The Slim Shift PS-680 treatment not only reduces fat stores, and thus slims and shapes the body, but it also has significant detoxifying effects, removes cellulite, stimulates formation of collagen and firms sagging skin. The length of any individual treatment (consisting of the three above specified successive procedures) depends on the body part that you want to make slender - expect the back, arms and belly treatment to last from about one hour to one and a half hours, and the legs treatment from two hours to two and a half hours. The treatment consists of three therapies between which there should be a time gap of at least 14 days and no more than one month. Every client will also be given nutritional recommendations that we recommend to follow during the treatment.


Neinvazivní lifting obličeje a celého těla

The XY apparatus, which uses high-intensity focused ultrasound, delivers a revolutionary lifting treatment of the new generation. During the treatment, energy penetrates deep into the skin where it warms the skin and fatty tissues and muscles. Thanks to their contractions and the fact that the treatment concurrently triggers the body's natural mechanism of collagen creation, a significant lifting effect is achieved after just a single treatment. The skin is then firmer and suppler, and looks younger and healthier.

The maximum effect will be achieved in two months and the result after a single treatment lasts for at least one year. At the moment, it is the safest and most efficient non-invasive method of facial and body skin lifting and tightening. This method can be applied to treat nearly any facial area such as a double-chin, neck or décolletage, and also various body areas. Moreover, it does not require any recuperation time or a special regime.

What can you expect from the HIFU SHAPE 3D treatment?

  • Firmed up contours
  • Improved texture of the whole face
  • Reduced wrinkles and smoothed nosoretic grooves
  • Smaller skin pores
  • Reduced double chin, tightened neck and décolletage
  • Reductions of loose, sagging skin, in particular in the belly, legs, buttock and arms areas


Body treatments that will make your body slender and prep it for tanning 

In our salon, we work with the top French brand of Institut Esthederm professional cosmetics. We offer three body treatments - the relaxing one, the slimming treatment, which helps to start up metabolism, reduces cellulite and shapes the body, and Sun Spa, which will also prepare your body for the onslaught of summer sun, in addition to the slimming effect.

Body Essential treatment

It is a relaxing treatment that softens skin and removes dead cells and impurities. It involves stroking movements applied in connection with a changing structure of the peeling. The Body Essential treatment leaves the skin smooth, gentle and hydrated. 

Slimming treatment Body Svelt

Our body ages in the similar speed as our face, and skin loses its firmness and elasticity after about 20 years of life. The Institut Esthederm brand therefore came up with a solution in the form a slimming and firming salon treatment supplemented with at-home care. The slimming procedure includes:

1. An exclusive "first contact" treatment

We will lay you down on a bed and make you comfy. The energy will start circulating freely. The treatment starts from the feet and proceeds up to the head, including a short back massage.

2. Body scrub: 

It is applied by means of specific techniques on the areas with harder skin and also on the areas where we will apply the slimming treatment.

3. Serum, the hand modelling technique and a wrap: 

We will apply a lipoic serum on the areas being treated and will pat it on using a manual modelling technique. The technique helps to take fat cells away from the body by means of lymph, eliminates cellulite, while shaping the body. Then we will apply a cryo mask with a slimming effect. Fat cells are degraded and cellulite reduced. We will wrap the body in a foil. The wrap works for about 15 minutes during which we give a light massage of the décolletage and the back of the neck.

4. Final cream: 

We will apply the final cream according to the skin type.

SunSpa. The treatment that will prepare you for tanning

When skin is excessively protected with preparations with the highest protection factor, it loses the ability to adapt to the sun. On the contrary, the Institut Esthederm products teach even the most sensitive complexion to adapt to the sun so that it would be able to protect itself. In addition, the content of sun filters ensures external protection of skin from negative effects of UVA and UVB radiation. And the content of patented substances supports natural inner processes in skin, which adapt it to the sun. And now the best news for the end - thanks to an intensive wrap, the procedure results are visible immediately! This procedure contains:

1. An exclusive "first contact" treatment: 

We will lay you down on a bed and make you comfy. The energy will start circulating freely. The treatment starts from the feet and proceeds up to the head, including a short back massage.

2. Body scrub: 

It is applied by means of specific techniques on the areas with harder skin and also on the areas where we will apply the Sun Spa treatment. We will also add a manual modelling technique to eliminate cellulite and shape the body.

3. Application of UV InCellium Bronzant:

 This lipid spray adapts your skin to the sun and starts the formation of brown pigment in it. We will supplement it with a sunscreen and after-tanning preparation of your choice.

4. The facial area

The follow-up OsmoClean treatment


Come to our salon to practice the traditional vinyasa yoga with the instructor Mila Réva! Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic exercise which interconnects fluid movement with regular breathing. You will warm up and strengthen your muscles during it, stretch your whole body and calm and strengthen your mind. Moreover, yoga has a positive effect on your metabolism, hormone levels, the immune, cardiovascular and digestive systems, and supports detoxification and body regeneration. Mila Réva has been practising yoga already for 20 years. She gives lessons rather to individuals or smaller groups, and you can arrange a lesson with her at her Instagram!



Price for the whole treatment

The price for one area always includes 3 therapies (which together constitute one treatment). The price for the treatment of legs and belly depends on the size of the treated area and the related level of the treatment demandingness. 

Arms treatment

9,000 CZK

Legs treatment

15,000-17,000 CZK

Belly treatment

12,000-13,000 CZK

Back treatment

10,000 CZK


Price for a single treatment

Body Essential treatment 

1,200 CZK

Slimming treatment Body Svelt 

2,050 CZK

Sun Spa treatment 

1,800 CZK


Price for the whole treatment

Prices for face, neck and cleavage treatments are fixed. Prices for the treatment of other areas (belly, legs and arms) are informative, will be determined after a personal consultation.

Face treatment

15,000 CZK

Neck treatment

7,000 CZK

Cleavage treatment

10,000 CZK

Belly treatment (informative price)

12,000 CZK

Legs and bottom treatment (informative price)

15,000 CZK

Arms treatment (informative price)

10,000 CZK


The price is the same for all body parts (butt, abdomen, thighs)

1st cure

(6 treatments)

40,000 CZK

2st cure

(6 treatments)

20,000 CZK


1st session

3000 CZK

1st cure

(8 sessions)

16,000 CZK

2st cure

(maintenance, 8 sessions)

8000 CZK