Quality treatment, nail sculpting and varnishes that will not disappoint you 

You can choose between the basic manicure or pedicure and their spa variant. This above-standard hand or feet treatment includes peeling, a mask, a wrap in heated mitts or booties, and a massage. We will be glad to welcome women and men to both our treatments. To make nail shapes perfect, we use the gel sculpting with permanent colour gels from Catherine established in Germany, and the Striplac varnishing from Alessandro.


Lasts up to two weeks and can be easily peeled off

Striplac from Alessandro is the first nail varnish that will last up to two weeks in an immaculate condition! Not even that it will not peel off during this period, but the colour will remain beautifully shiny and rich for the whole time. Revolutionary is in particular the manner how Striplac is removed - you will simply peel it off from the base of the nail plate after the two weeks (or earlier if you get tired of the colour)! Of course, you can come to our salon and we will be happy to help you with removing it. No nail polish remover, acetone or nail filing is required. Striplac is applied as a traditional nail polish and is cured in a LED or UV lamp for 60 seconds. After the varnish has been peeled off, nails remain healthy and strengthened.


A perfect shape sculpted with Catherine gels

In our salon, we do hand and toe nail sculpting using permanent colour gels from Catherine, the brand established in Germany. Sculpting can be done without using nail art templates, without lengthening natural nails, or using nail art templates over which we will sculpture natural long nails. It depends on the customer's wishes and the nail designer's recommendations. We use UV lamps.



The prices for the basic variant and the spa variant

Basic manicure

(polishing included) 

390 CZK

Spa manicure

490 CZK

Manicure & Striplac Alessandro

450 CZK

Manicure & gel Catherine

650-750 CZK

New nails - nail sculpting

permanent gels from Catherine 

1,300 CZK

Nail replenishment - nail sculpting

permanent gels from Catherine 

850-950 CZK


The prices for the basic variant and the spa variant

Basic pedicure and nail trimming 

590 CZK

Corn treatment

50 CZK

Spa pedicure

250 CZK

Striplac when applied as part of pedicure

250 CZK

Gel Catherine when applied as part of pedicure

250 CZK

Striplac when applied separately without pedicure

(& nail trimming 250 CZK)  

300 CZK

Gel nails  

350 CZK


50 CZK