Top-quality hair styling, colour and care brands

In our salon, we work with the Redken and #mydentity colouring systems, which we supplement with products of other brands. We can offer you for example Malibu C hair treatments that will remove mineral deposits and chemical additives before you have your hair dyed. After such a treatment, your hair will be bouncy and unstressed once again and colours will show up more on it. For gentle bleaching and highlighting, we use Olaplex as well as the Redken acidic concentrates.  

What can we do for your hair?

In our team, you will find specialists in short and long haircuts, hairstyles, bleaching and highlighting techniques, perm hairstyles and men's haircuts. All our hairdressers have been following global trends and regularly train themselves on working with new materials and applying new techniques. Thanks to this know-how they can always recommend you the most suitable care for your type of hair.

Colours and care from Redken

We have excellent experience with the Redken brand. They offer top-quality hair cosmetics products that are always designed for specific hair types. We can thus offer every customer the colour, care and styling suitable exactly for her hair type. In addition, professional care is supplemented with a wide range of at-home hair care products. The Redken brand is very innovative and keeps coming up with new technologies and products, recently for example with the Nature + Science line naturally sourced in nature.  

Trendy colours from #mydentity

The #mydentity colouring system comprises a really wide palette of pre-mixed colours and tints, including less traditional shades. As such, it enables hairdressers to let their imagination and creativity run. By means of #mydentity dyes and tints, we can conjure up current trendy shades as well as natural shades for everyday hairstyles. In addition, the colours contain a special component that protects the colour during heat styling, and another ingredient promising even twice as much gloss than usual.

Malibu C will cleanse and prep the hair for colour

Malibu C is a single brand name for multiple products that have one thing in common - they will clean your hair and scalp from deposits of minerals, silicones and chemical additives. This treatment makes hair bouncy and unstressed, healthy and shine once again, preparing it for further styling, including dyeing. Among other effects, this treatment balances the PH of skin, relieves the hair fibre of unwanted pigment, or ensures that the applied dye will be more even, intense and brighter. Malibu C also produces wellness kits for at-home use. They will prepare your hair for dyeing or protect it during swimming in chlorinated water.

Olaplex. Protects your hair during bleaching

Several years ago, the Olaplex brand products sparked a smaller revolution in the hairdressing world. They contain an active component that strengthens bonds in the hair fibre and restores broken disulphide bonds damaged during chemical treatments and hair styling. The Olaplex No.1 and No.2 products make up a system for a complete hair care treatment. They are applied either separately (Olaplex Treatment) or added to dyes or highlights during hair lighting procedures (they work as a preventive protection against damage). The No.3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 products have been designed for at-home use and care of damaged and compromised hair.

Redken acidic concentrates. Stronger and glossier hair

This in-depth treatment heals the hair cuticle and gives hair the strength and gloss that will last for up to three weeks after the treatment application. It has been designed for the hair damaged by dyeing, lightening or straightening, or the hair weakened due to mechanical damage caused for example during blow-drying or flat ironing. The combination of several hair care preparations works from inside hair, revives and regenerates it. Along the same lines as for Olaplex, you can opt for a treatment combined with dyeing or a single hair treatment.    

Cosmetics: Redken, #mydentity, Malibu C and Zenz

You can also buy any products from all the brands we use in our salon. The fact is that when you supplement professional colours and care with at-home care from the same brand, the colour or tint will last longer. We newly offer Zenz Organic's Danish-produced products which are made from exclusively natural components non tested on animals, and all their ingredients and packaging are biodegradable. They are also AllergyCertified and carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Hair like new thanks to K18

Revolutionary K18 removes hair damage in just 4 minutes thanks to a breakthrough patented molecule. This is because the K18Peptide molecule transfers amino acids into the hair cortex to reconnect keratin chains and restore disulfide bonds, restoring curls to their original youthful appearance. Thus, unlike many other products, the K18 treatment heals hair from the inside out! For more information, please contact our hairdressers. 


The prices of individual services are added up and depend on materials consumed. More complex services must be personally consulted with a hairdresser in advance - the price will depend on how demanding a service will be.


The prices include wash, blow-dry and final styling

Women´s cut  

700-1,300 CZK

Men´s cut

350-550 CZK

Children's cut (up to 12 yrs) 

300 CZK


The prices depend on the hairstyle complexity

Festive hairstyles

500-1,000 CZK

Wedding hairstyle 

(including a trial)

1,000-3,000 CZK


400-650 CZK


The final price depends on materials consumed. The prices of cuts, special treatments or blow-dry must be add to the total sum.

Tint regrowth

670-1,240 CZK

Colours for short hairstyles

1140-1,440 CZK

Colours for medium hairstyles

1,440-1,770 CZK

Colours for long hairstyles

1,440-4,500 CZK


1,800-3,500 CZK


700-2,300 CZK


850-2,300 CZK

Colour highlights

700-2,200 CZK


The final price depends on materials consumed. The prices of cuts, colours or blow-dry must be add to the total sum. 

Redken hair mask

100 CZK

Redken acidic concentrates

400-1,000 CZK


as a prep treatment for colours, tints, highlights and bleaching

120-480 CZK

Olaplex Treatment 

480-960 CZK

Malibu C (cleansing treatment)

1000 CZK