Treat yourself to cosmetics, hair removal or brow grooming services

You can select from a whole range of treatments with the French cosmetic products from Institut Esthederm. The philosophy of this brand is based on the idea that our complexion has all necessary resources to function properly and be beautiful and healthy. The role of cosmetic preparations then is to support natural processes in skin and ensure its proper functioning. And this is exactly the area where our special treatments will help. You can also opt for supplementary hair removal or brow grooming services.   


Treat your skin to superior anti-ageing care!

French brand Orlane is a specialist in anti-ageing! The interplay of natural and biotechnological principles creates a sophisticated blend of progressive formulas. Orlane's exclusive treatments provide unique skin and body rituals that bring not only deep relaxation, but also regeneration and restoration of the skin's natural functions.

Treatment B21 Extraordinare Facial

A unique treatment with the iconic B21 serum, a premium anti-aging treatment. A combination of unique massage techniques for facial sculpting and deep relaxation.

Antirides Treatment

A treatment for visible smoothing, renewal and a deeply radiant, revitalized appearance.

L'Anti-Fatigue Treatment

A treatment to revive, revitalize and strengthen tired skin, re-energizing the skin.

Moisturizing Super Global Treatment

A treatment to strengthen and restore dehydrated skin.

Men's Treatment

Cosmetic treatment according to skin type. 


Teach your skin how to function properly

Like the rest of the body, our skin is exposed to negative effects every day which affect its proper functioning. The role of the Institut Esthederm treatment is to restart natural processes in skin and support its proper functioning - to "re-educate" skin in a way. This makes skin healthier, firmer and clearer. In addition to the salon care, you can also buy from us products of this brand for at-home care.

Rejuvenating treatments

The treatment for women over 30 with skin showing first signs of ageing. You can choose from the following versions: Active repair (delicate fine line smoothing), Esthelift (natural lifting and immediate skin tightening), Excellage (regenerative, firming treatment), and Esthewhite (whitening, brightening treatment). The treatment takes 90 minutes.

Basic treatment

It is a suitable option when you want to get to know the Institut Esthederm cosmetics. Depending on the skin type, you can choose from the Hydra treatment (provides deep skin hydration), Pure (removes skin impurities and soothes inflammatory processes), and Sensi (a treatment suitable for sensitive skin). The treatment takes 60 minutes.

Intensive treatments

These treatments are aimed at targeting one of the skin dysfunctions. You can choose from Hyaluronic (intensive skin hydration), Spiruline (restoring the function of tired, dull skin) and Oxypeel (deep skin oxygenation and removal of dead skin cells, suitable for dull skin). The treatment lasts 90 minutes.

Face and decollete lifting massage

Face manual lifting is a revolutionary method we successfully use to achieve significant facial rejuvenation - you can see its results already after the first treatment! The oils used during the massage are 100% pure, cold pressed and organic, in particular argan and rosehip oil. The massage takes 40 minutes.


Shaping with tweezers and wax & dyeing

Your eyebrows also deserve a little extra care! You can choose between the traditional tweezing and brow waxing. We also offer eyebrow and eyelashes dyeing. The aesthetic eyebrow correction combined with Brown Henna dyeing is a very popular eyebrow grooming treatment. It is a natural, high-quality and very precise method. It may take a bit more time but the result is definitely worth it. For supplementary at-home care, you can buy the special HAIRPLUS serum for eyelashes and eyebrows in our salon. The serum boosts growth and so it contributes to natural length, density and thickness of eyebrows and eyelashes, thus perfecting their look.

Permanent eyelash curling (Lash Lifting & Botox)

This technique guarantees gentle curling of the lashes and their deep nutrition, while Lash Botox also corrects the structure of the lashes along their entire length. The lashes will be beautifully and naturally curled, thicker, denser, elongated and blackened. Compared to the classic eyelash perm procedure, it guarantees a greater curling and the lashes give a longer impression and look more natural. In addition, this procedure improves the quality of natural lashes in the long run, which becomes 30 to 50% stronger and more voluminous, emphasizes their shine and perfectly nourishes them.  

Lash Botox has a very similar chemical composition to our own lash (contains among others hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed keratin, vegetable collagen, vitamin E, panthenol, almond, argan, jojoba, macadam and sunflower oil, ascorbic acid, vegetable glycerin, linoleic acid and pyridoxine). This treatment stimulates the growth of lashes and prolongs the life of already grown lashes. In our salon we use the highest quality products from the Italian brands My Lamination and Inlei, which are made in the EU and are dermatologically tested. Compared to the classic eyelash perm procedure, they have a more gentle composition and are hypoallergenic; in addition, no glue is used during curling, as with eyelash extension procedure. The lamination effect lasts 6 to 8 weeks. 

Eyebrow lamination (Bow Lifting & Botox)

Lamination is one of the most sought-after eyebrow treatments in beauty salons. This exclusive method tames disobedient eyebrows by fixing, highlighting, filling and perfectly straightening them. The result is a uniform and full eyebrow that enlarges and thickens. You will always have your eyebrows trimmed without having to devote your time to them, and they will also get the right shape that flatters your face. Lamination is suitable for every type of eyebrow, but it is most appreciated by women with asymmetrical eyebrows, in which each hair has a different direction. Alternatively, it can help women with thin, sparse or such an eyebrow in which the hairs do not grow at all. After this procedure, you should keep your eyebrows dry for 24 hours (do not apply makeup, avoid sauna or swimming) and we do not recommend using self-tanning products for 24 to 48 hours. The lamination effect lasts 4 to 6 weeks.


We use the modern Lycon method 

Thanks to their unique titanium dioxide technology, the creamy waxes from Lycon established in Australia are ideal for waxing sensitive areas such as the face, underarms or the bikini line. The titanium dioxide relieves skin redness and reduces skin irritation. This also reduces subsequent ingrown hairs. Before waxes are applied, skin is pre-treated with oil, which protects it during and after hair removal. Moreover, Lycon waxes can remove hair as short as 1 mm and so they can ensure that your skin will be really smooth.



Price for a single treatment

Basic treatment

1,800 CZK

Intensive treatment Hyaluronic

2,100 CZK

Oxy Energy

2,100 CZK

Intensive treatment Multipeel

2,550 CZK

Rejuvenating treatment Active repair

2,250 CZK

Rejuvenating treatment Esthelift

2,900 CZK

Rejuvenating treatment Excellage

3,300 CZK

Multipeel Radiance

2,650 CZK

Face and decollete lifting massage

600 CZK


Eyebrow grooming provided as part of a cosmetic treatment is free of charge 

Eyebrow tweezing or waxing 

400 CZK

Eyebrow dyeing 

or 250 CZK when applied as part of a cosmetic treatment

350 CZK

Eyelashes dyeing  

or 250 CZK when applied as part of a cosmetic treatment

350 CZK

Eyebrow lamination (Brow Lifting & Botox)

Lamination, eyebrow shaping, color and botox (final nutrition) 

1000 CZK

Permanent eyelash curling (Lash Lifting & Botox)

Permanent curling, color and botox (final nutrition)

1300 CZK


Price for a single treatment

B21 Extraordinare Facial

120 min.

4,500 CZK

Antirides Treatment

90–120 min.

3,300 CZK

L´Anti-Fatigue Treatment

90–120 min.

3,500 CZK

Moisturizing Super Global

90 min.

2,900 CZK

Men´s Treatment

60–90 min.

2,900 CZK


The price is based on an individual agreement with the make-up artist

Bridal make-up 

2,300 CZK

Evening make-up

1,400 CZK

Day make-up

1100 CZK

Make-up trial with advice

1100 CZK


The final price depends on materials consumed.

Intimate area  

550 CZK

Californian wax (high bikini)

600 CZK

G-string (thong wax)

800 CZK

Brazilian (strip)

1000 CZK

Hollywood (bare) 

1100 CZK


550 CZK

Whole lower limbs 

900 CZK


400 CZK


600 CZK

Upper lip  

or 200 CZK when applied as part of a cosmetic treatment

300 CZK


or 250 CZK when applied as part of a cosmetic treatment

350 CZK


or 200 CZK when applied as part of a cosmetic treatment 

250 CZK


or 250 CZK when applied as part of a cosmetic treatment 

300 CZK

The whole face  

(Eyebrows, lip, cheeks, chin. Or 600 CZK when applied as part of a cosmetic treatment )

650 CZK


180 CZK